FIR has issued a revision of all regulations for the coming 2018 season. The revised documents are published on

Each document has a version history at the beginning, listing in brief form what has changed since the last version, but below is an “Executive Summary” for those who like everything in a nutshell.

  1. ·         Introduction of a EUR 10 surcharge for players who wait with their initial tournament registration until the last 4 weeks prior to regular close of registration. This rule has been widely publicised and is an attempt to encourage players to register early
  2. ·         Tournament Director to hold live-draws of Elite classes on social media
  3. ·         Scoreboards mandatory for Centre Court matches
  4. ·         No longer mandatory for Elite finals to be the last two matches of the tournament
  5. ·         Two seeds for a 4-draw
  6. ·         Increased draw size flexibility to encourage consistent playing level for Elite classes
  7. ·         Prize money to be paid in cash only
  8. ·         EUR 50 flat-rate reimbursement to Tournament Director for each participating Council member (as they pay no registration fees)
  9. ·         Cap set on production costs of WC tournament programme
  10. ·         same nationality rule for doubles now (again) requires all four players to be from same country, not at least one of each pair