Champions League 2017


Who Can Play in the New Champions League?

Champions League is open to all FIR registered players. It will be played on the Friday (24 th Feb) at the Swedish Open and on the Friday (28 th July) at the German Open. Even if you are only able to play one of these tournaments you can still sign up to play Champions League.


How Do I register to play Champions League?

Go to the normal FIR Tournament Software page: and you will see an entry called “Champions League, Player Registration” Go to this page and register yourself here stating whether you are available to play Champions League at the Swedish Open or at the German Open...or ideally at both tournaments! NB To enter the IWT Swedish Open or IWT German Open, please go to their separate entry pages as normal.


What are the Teams and which Team will I play for?

All the players who register to play Champions League will be put into a large pool of players and then in January 2017 there will be a Draft where the 8 team captains from the 8 brand new franchise Teams, will select their squad of players. This will create 8 very even strength teams to compete for the 2017 Champions League title.

Who are the New Franchise Teams?

Technifibre Copenhagen – Team Captain: Morten Jaksland
Bergahain Berlin Boasters – Team Captain: Amke Fischer
iPro London – Team Captain: Duncan Stahl
KoR Oudenaarde – Team Captain: Lieselot de Bleeckere
Three Percent Malta – Team Captain: Kresten Hougaard
Helsinki Hawks – Team Captain: Marko Valimaki
Swiss Eagles – Team Captain: Nicole Eisler
Nottingham Knights - Team Captain: Dan Busby

What’s the Format of the New Champions League?

Champions League 2017 will be in a league format, where every team plays each other once. Each team will play their first 3 matches in Sweden (24 th Feb) and their remaining 4 matches in German 28 th July).

Team Match Format

Each match will consist of 3x Men’s singles, 1x Women’s singles, 1x Men’s doubles and 1x Mixed doubles (all to 11up), but the singles players are also able to play in the doubles matches, meaning a team only needs a minimum of 3x men and 1x women per match.


The Draft

The Draft will be done LIVE via various social media platforms so that all players can see what team they get picked for!

Nb Each team captain will be free to pick any player from any country.


Team Fees

Each team will pay an entry fee to the Tournament Director (this would be made up of payments from each individual team member).


For any Champions League questions – please contact: