Clear Home Favourites at Finnish Open

Not many tournaments on the FIR World Tour see such clear favourites like the International World Tour Event Finnish Open (7-9.10) in Kaunainen near Helsinki. World Champion Michaela Björnström has never lost a match on home grounds, partner Mikko Kärkkainen has only lost to Magnus Eliasson, who has retired and Ismo Rönkkö won all Men Doubles titles the last three years. Tournament Director Poku Salo promises perfect conditions and says all nine draws and the complete time schedule are now online on


2nd Class Swedes challenge Finns

11 men come to Finland to challenge Mikko Kärkkäinen in the Men Elite draw, but topseeded is Ismo Rönkkö, who won his first World Tour title in Sofia this year. Sweden only sent their second class players apart from Martin Björkryd to Finland, with Adamsson, Helle, Wall, Persson already preparing for the upcoming World Championships. In practice this means that anything else but Kärkkäinen, Rönkkö, Björkryd on the podium would mean a major surprise. The order though is still to be determined.

Björnström Sisteract

In Women Elite Carina Björnström takes on her sister and topfavourite Michaela, while Miriam Bartels and Katrin Maldre will battle for Bronze. Unfortunately there is no Mixed Doubles to take another title with Mikko, so the best player of the world will pair with his friend Ismo Rönkkö to defend their Men Doubles gold medals from 2010.

Report: Marcel Weigl

Draws and Timeschedule

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I went to a tournament in Helsinki such a beautiful country. I was there on a working holiday i had a conference with gold buyers