Exclusion of players from FIR tournaments due to member countries not paying their annual membership

FIR records indicate that over half of their country members have not yet paid their annual membership fees. This is not only unfair towards the country members who did pay their fees, as well as to their own players who participate at FIR tournaments, but it also deprives FIR of the funding it needs to cover its costs, such as the high fees charged by TournamentSoftware, and its marketing initiatives like the development of a new FIR website with more content.
The 2016 FIR AGM decided that such countries shall be suspended from FIR if they do not settle their accounts. FIR has the duty to carry out this decision and has now issued the second, final warning to each of the national federation presidents. As a consequence, players from these nations will be blocked from playing at FIR tournaments unless they can demonstrate residence in a fully paid-up FIR member.

This will take effect for all players from the list of countries below from midnight 31st March. The player exclusion will be actively controlled at all future FIR tournaments, starting with the Czech Open. Player exclusion will be lifted immediately the open debt has been cleared and so any players involved planning on taking part in a future FIR tournament are encouraged to contact their national federation's President to resolve the situation before they travel. The countries currently in default are:

South Africa

A more detailed, regularly updated list with the formal background can be found at http://www.racketlon.net/content/tournament-support

FIR sincerely regrets that such steps are necessary, as it is not the players' fault, that their national federation has not paid their membership fees. However, after exhausting all other avenues, FIR sees no remaining option other than to now carry out the AGM's decision. Many of the cases are genuine Racketlon nations and very likely due to a misunderstanding, or are the result of a communication gap somewhere along the chain. FIR  hopes for a quick reduction of the number of countries on the Exclusion List.

Any players with questions are welcome to contact FIR for more detailed or specific information. FIR will do all it can to facilitate payment and to enable players to play at FIR tournaments, where possible and within the constraints of the Exclusion List.