1.       Country

2.       Name

3.       Birthdate and place

4.       Strength of sports e.g. Tennis, badminton, squash,tennis

5.       Greatest achievements in Racketlon

6.       Your biggest victory

7.       Your biggest defeat

8.       How did you first get to play Racketlon?

9.       Why Racketlon? What is so fascinating?

10.   How do you see the future of Racketlon?


Magnus Eliasson

36 FIR Titles singles

3 World Champs titles singles

6 World Champs titles national teams

5 World Tour Race winner

77 months World number one


1. Sweden

2. Dan Magnus Eliasson

3. Born 19 December 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden.

4. Pretty even but in descending order tennis, squash, badminton and table tennis.

5. I think my greatest achievement is the high average standard of my performing over the nine years that I was playing Racketlon 100%. 7 Swedish championships, 36 FIR world tour tournament wins, 3 World championships in singles, 6 World championships in team, 7 straight world championship finals in singles, Ranked 1 in the world during 7 consecutive years and 5 FIR world tour wins in a row. All done in 9 years.

6. My biggest Victory was beating Mikko in semifinals in world championship in Vienna 2004 after losing six straight matches against him. Then I felt I was the best player in the world and I also killed my brain ghost that I had playing Mikko.

7. I think my biggest defeat was the sixth match I lost to Mikko in a row. It was finish open 2004. At that point I felt I would never beat him and I was really devastated.

8. First heard of Racketlon in 1994 playing a fun tournament with friends in Gothenburg. I thought it maybe would be my sport. Picked it up in 2000 after ending my professional career as an ice hockey player.

9. I like the wide variety of skills you need to be able to have in order to be successful and because it suites my personality and overall athlete skills.

10. I think the future of Racketlon is very bright and hopefully it will be as big as tennis but Racketlon is just still in its cradle of development.


Lilian Druve

13 FIR World Tour Titles singles

3 FIR World Champs titles singles

2 FIR World Tour Titles mixed

5 FIR World Champs titles national teams

2 FIR World Tour Race winner

30,5 months FIR World number one


1.       Sweden

2.       Lilian Druve

3.      Born 3 March 1963 in Ö. Frülunda, Sweden

4.       Badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis


  • 3 Individual World Championships Gold
  • 2 Individual World Championships Silver
  • 1 World Championships Mixed Double Silver
  • 2 World Tour Race Gold and 2 World Tour Race Bronze
  • 5 World Championships National Team Gold
  • 7 Swedish National Championships Gold
  • 13 World Tour Titles
  • 2 Mixed World Tour Titles

6.       My 3rd World Champion Title in Vienna 2005

7. don´t remember:-)

8.     I saw a TV recording from the Swedish Nationals in 1998 and thought this was for me. I had played half professional badminton for many years and tried the three other sports for fun. In 1999 I won my first Swedish National Title (the first of 7 straight).

9.      It´s good to be able to improve your sport; when I had played badminton for many years I had had my peak seasons and didn´t improve much, in the other sports I could immediately improve immensely from start and for many years to come, i.e the training was fun all the time.

10.   I think the Racketlon future is bright - Everyone just loves the sport the minute they get familiar with it, whether it is as an active player or as a spectator. With the high standard of the elite players no one can dispute these athletes are top notch and with the racketlon rules where every played point counts the match is exciting frpm the first poin played.


Pär Carleke

3 FIR World Champs titles singles +45

1 FIR World Champs title national teams

19,5 months FIR World number one +45

Unbeaten +45 singles


1.       Sweden

2.       Pär Carleke

3.       Born 1958 in Sweden

4.       Squash and an effective “not-give-away-unnecessary points-defensive style”.

5.       1 WC-team gold for Sweden and as a veteran 3 WC and some other wins on the world tour without losing any match.

6.       Winning the Swedish championship 1998, beating the dominant by that time, Peter Bittar.

7.       After a 3 months flu, dropping 10 kilograms, trying to defend the title the year after and losing in the first round.

8.       Played my first Swedish championship 1991. Over 200 participants played in the same category and the different sports were played at different places all over Stockholm. Won five matches and lost in the quarter finals after having to fly to Stockholm three times!

After that I organized an own tournament in Karlskrona, Racketvirtuosen, for 15 years, 1991-2005. Last four years won by Magnus Eliasson.

9.       You always can find something to improve quite significantly compared to when you are specialized in one sport. When you get tired of one sport you can switch to another.

10.   Racketlon will continue to grow. Everyone who has played either of the four sports are  potential racketlon player


Peter Landberg

Registration of the name Racketlon


Jan Vercammen

Tournament director of 30th King of Rackets




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