FIR World Tour 2013 secret lifted

Waiting time is over; FIR finally lifts the secret of the FIR World Tour 2013 with 14 tournaments in 13 countries. Two world championship tournaments, four major Super World Tour events and 8 International World Tour tournaments complete the tour, which kicks-off in Vienna at the beginning of February and is completed at the end of November with the Single World Championships in Zürich/Switzerland. All details of all tournaments will be available soon on


Two new Super WT events

Apart from established King of Rackets in Oudenaarde and NOVOMATIC Austrian Open which have been Super World Tour events ever since this highest tournament classification was introduced, 2013 will see the two other SWT events in Toronto and Sofia. Canada has decided to go back to the roots and thanks to tournament director Stephane Cadieux Canadian Open is now back to Toronto, where it was held in the first years. Bulgarian International qualified for a Super World Tour event after the perfect conditions at this year’s Doubles and Teams World Champs, which will by the way be held in a new Racketlon city Alpen an der Rijn in the Netherlands next year.


Champions League in Germany

On the International World Tour sector Vienna Classics, Czech Open, English Open, Finnish Open, German Open and ALTERNATE Open keep their dates and locations. Only Hungarian Open moves back to Budapest and Swedish Open will be for the first time ever held in Gothenburg. The FIR Champions League for club teams has been awarded to ALTERNATE Open, where the whole club is closed for the weekend for this prestigious event held in Germany for the first time. “Sorry that it took so long, but I think the output of the FIR World Tour 2013 is very satisfactory and exciting”, says FIR-President Marcel Weigl who coordinated the Tour since the first application deadline end of June. The primary goal to stretch the tournaments over more months of the year and especially the winter months has also been achieved.


FIR Delegates seminar in Stockholm

As the FIR World Tour is getting more and more professional and ready for potential sponsors and international betting it is important for the FIR-Delegates to assist the Tournament Directors in the best possible way, with the view of an outsider. Thus from 2013 FIR-Delegates will have to come from another country than the country of the tournament and they will have to take part in a FIR-seminar. This will be offered during World Champs in Stockholm 2012 and at Vienna Classics 2013. All existing FIR-Delegates are invited as well as any new ones from any countries. More information will be follow shortly.


WR reformation for Challengers

In addition to the FIR World Tour, Challengers can always be applied for only three months before tournament start. To encourage the organisation of Challengers, new Challenger tournaments do not have to pay any tournament fees since 2012. In addition FIR is working on a World Ranking reformation to achieve more value of Challenger results for the World Rankings, which shall be finalized at the Annual General Meeting during the Single World Championships in Stockholm end of November this year.



Marcel Weigl


FIR World Tour 2013


1.    IWT 1-3 February, Vienna Classics in Austria


2.    IWT 22-24 February, Swedish Open in Gothenborg


3.    IWT 12-14 April,  Czech Open in Prague


4.    SWT 8-10 March, Canadian Open in Toronto


5.    IWT 3-5 May, Hungarian Open in Budapest


6.    SWT 31 May – 2 June, King of Rackets in Oudenaarde/Belgium


7.    SWT 28-30 June, Bulgarian International Championship in Sofia


8.    WC   11 – 13 July, World Champs Teams and Doubles, Alpen an der Rijn/Netherlands


9.    IWT  26-28 July, German Open in Nussloch


10.                      SWT 6-8 September, NOVOMATIC Austrian Open in Wr. Neudorf


11.                      IWT 20-22 September, ALTERNATE Open and Champions League in Linden/Germany


12.                      IWT   4-6 October, Finnish Open in Kauniainen


13.                      IWT   25-27 October, English Open in London


14.                      WC 22-24 November World Champs Singles in Zürich/Switzerland