History Beckons at the 2017 English Open

It is the great pleasure of UK Racketlon to invite the rest of the Racketlon community back to the UK for the 2017 English Open.  There are few tournaments in Racketlon which have the longevity or history of the English Open, and in 2017 there will be few tournaments to compete with it for size.  Entry is now open for the event which will run from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th May at the Redbridge Sports Centre.  The 2017 English Open will have Super World Tour status which means it will be one of the biggest events on the world tour in 2017.  The players will be looking to add their name to the pantheon of past champions, which reads as a who’s who of Racketlon, Eliasson, Reid, Ratzer, Tyrrell and Kubanova amongst them.  In 2016, Duncan Stahl and Lauren Whiteman added their names into English Open history, and with the retirement of Jesper Ratzer, both fields will be open and the titles up for grabs in 2017. Register now on fir.tournamentsoftware.com

Big events need big, high quality venues and the Redbridge Sports Centre ticks all these boxes.  Table Tennis and Badminton will be played in the Jean Brown Indoor Arena, which opened in 2012 and served as a Badminton and table tennis warm up venue for the London 2012 Olympics, literally Olympic quality facilities!  Squash and Tennis are played in the Norman Booth Building, where the facilities are used by the respective Essex County squads as their training venue.  This will be one of the biggest Racketlon events in 2017, played in the best facilities surrounded by the best players, it is quite literally not an event to miss. We are expecting 200 entries and the event will fill up fast so best to enter quickly. Do also let us know your intention to enter even if you confirm at a later date. Referees and umpires will be provided in all 4 sports and we are also hopeful of securing badminton line judges, thanks to sponsorship from Lesser & Co. Any parties interested in sponsoring the event (a great networking opportunity to secure new business) please reach out to our sponsorship officer – Luke Barnes.

There is a category for everyone including veterans, juniors and banded singles and 4 matches are guaranteed per singles event. As well as a feast of singles categories, we have a wide range of doubles categories for those keen to maximise their Racketlon playing weekend!  World ranking points are available to all participants.

Doubles starts Friday with singles starting later on Friday. A Saturday singles start time is available on request (for players in only one singles category and no doubles). Check the tournament regulations or contact Ray Jordan for any specific questions.  The players party will take place at Bounce, London. An innovative ping pong bar where UK Racketlon have hired tables which proved a great success in 2013.

The Redbridge Sports Centre is next door to Fairlop tube station and easily accessible by car or public transport.  We have provided information on travel and accommodation on a specially dedicated webpage: www.racketlon.co.uk/index.php/english-open .  If you have any questions about entry please contact the tournament contact: Ray Jordan.  So, there you have it.  Being a part of Racketlon history awaits you, all you need to do is enter now!  Finally, as with all big Racketlon events, we are in need of volunteers to man court stations and the tournament desk.  If you are able to spare a few hours over the weekend, please e-mail Dom Ford.  UK Racketlon is nothing without the help of our volunteers and we are always very grateful for their service, even when the weather forecaster gets it wrong...


James Pope
Racketlon GB