Melzer-Charity brings 2000€ for Ghana

The Charity showmatch between the Austrian Racketlegends and the World Racketlon Team powered by UNDER ARMOUR during the World Champs was a great success and the Racketlon players proved they can play close matches versus the best Austrian specialists. In Tabletennis Austrias currently best player (ITTF WR 33) Chen Weixing proved his unbelievable defensive qualities, but Swede Martin Björkryd did a good job taking 17 points. in Badminton Austrias current number two, Luka Wraber hat a great battle with Jesper Ratzer, the best man Racketlon can offer. The Dane took 15 points, but showed how good he really is with a 21:1 victory over Calum Reid in the final of the World Champs next day. In Squash Racketlons best player Evan Mancer unfortunately could not start after his cramps in the elite draw, but Raffael Rykovski from Poland had a nice match with Clemens Wallishauser, taking 15 points too. The highlight of the Charity-match for school children in Ghana ofcourse was the perfomance of Jürgen Melzer against Christoph Krenn (, with a 21:14 victory after some sensational points. Thank you to all the around 800 spectators for the donation of around 1000€ which is doubled by RFA to make it 2000€. "All in all a big thank you to all the stars who offered to play with out costs", says FIR President Marcel Weigl .




Austrian Racket Legends vs. World Racketlon Team 84:61; +23

Tabletennis: Chen Weixing              –        Martin Björkryd (Swe) 21:17

Badminton:  Luka Wraber                    –        Jesper Ratzer (Den) 21: 15

Squash:        Clemens Wallishauser       –        Raffael Rykovski (Pol) 21:15

Tennis:        Jürgen Melzer                  –        Christoph Krenn (Aut) 21:14

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