Reid and Kubanova Hungarian Champions


The titles of Hungarian Open go to Scotsman Calum Reid and Zuzana Kubanova from the Czech Republic. Peter Sakovics wins both Seniors (+45) and (+50). In the all Austrian Champions League final for club teams Union Racketlon Klosterneuburg takes revenge for last year and beats Racketpoint Vienna for victory. Strong performance from Slovenia with victories in Men C Women B draws by Damir Skerl and Ursa Petric, while Men B title was taken home by Steffen Peteskovsky from Germany.  Graham King was once again on top of the Seniors +55 podium, while Kristof Molnar became the best u16 Junior. All draws are now online on


Racketlon Klosterneuburg wins Champions League

In the 2nd FIR European Champions League, the two top seeded Austrian Teams Union Racketlon Klosterneuburg around FIR-President Marcel Weigl and Union Racketpoint Vienna led by world number one Christoph Krenn met once again. Krenns team played without foreigners this time but still showed big stamina by reaching the final after two close victories with only a total of 2 points against SloW Racket Club and Czech Crown Prague. For Klosterneuburg playing the final with Calum Reid, Jesper Ratzer, Kasper Jönsson, Marcel Weigl, Joey Schubert, Simone Seitz and Marta Jez the victory in the final in the clubs 25th anniversary year was never in doubt. Third place as in 2010 went to Czech Crown Prague in the play-off against local matadors Matchpoint Budapest in a draw with 10 teams from 8 European countries.

Union Racketlon Klosterneuburg (Aut/1) – Racketpoint Vienna (Aut/2)

TT 38:41, BA 55:24, SQ 56:38, T 11:8; 160:111 +49


Impressing victory by Calum Reid

In the Men Elite draw Calum Reid showed that he is in absolute top shape with the World Championships only one month to go. Impressing his close Badminton defeat against Jesper Ratzer (who took bronze in the end) in the semifinals and his performance in the final versus Joey Schubert, whom he beat closely in all four sports. World number one Christoph Krenn had to pull out due to injury and Michi Dickert had to give up his semifinal after he ran into a stroke versus Schubert in the very first Squash point played.


New Russian wildcard player with bronze

The women elite draw saw a wildcard player Marina Mezenzeva on the podium as third at the very first tournament the Russian ever played after a play-off victory over Lucie Hlavacova.Iin a competition dominated by East Europe countries again  topseeded Kerstin Peckl pulled out of the tournament making Marta Jez favourite for victory. The Polish girl though did not have her best weekend and had to leave the title over to Zuzana Kubanova from the Czech Republic.winning only the Tabletennis. Swiss wildcard player Florence Favre also made a strong performance with a fifth place.


Hungarians with three victories

Hungary took their home court titles with Peter Sakovics once again winning Seniors (+45) as well as (+50) and Junior Kristof Molnar in u16. Graham King seems not beatable in Seniors (+55) winning the trophy for Switzerland, while two titles went to Slovenia with Men C victory by Damir Skerl and Ursa Petric from Slovenia. Also the Germans could be happy with two victories by Steffen Peteskovsky and Christian Reid in Men B and Men D. Special thanks goes to Slovenia and Romania who came with big teams and quite a number of new players.


TV and Newspaper Champions League reports

All in all it was a great Racketlon weekend in MARCAL Teniszcentrum in Györ with very good playing conditions thanks to sponsor and sportscentre owner Laszlo Rigo and a perfect tournament hotel deal with Racketlon player Otto Horvath who also participated in the Seniors (+55) Class. Media reported in the local newspapers and local as well as national television. Organisers RFARacketlon Federation Austria and the Hungarian Racketlon Federation thank all players for coming and hope to see them again on the World Tour soon.




FIR Champions League 2011

1.            Union Racketlon Klosterneuburg (AUT)

2.            Sportunion Racketpoint Vienna (AUT)

3.            Czech Crown Prague (CZE)

4.            Matchpoint Budapest (HUN)

5.            Body & Ball Neuberg (GER)

6.            Rapid Luzern (SUI)

7.            SloW Racket Club (SLO)

8.            Racketlon Club Bucharest (ROU)

9.            Elektromos Györ (HUN)

10.          Racketlon Team Tectum Komarno (SVK)


6th Hungarian Open 2011

Men A - Elite

1.Calum Reid (SCO)

2. Joey Schubert (AUT)

3.Jesper Ratzer (DEN)


Women A - Elite

1.Zuzana Kubanova (CZE)

2.Marta Jez (POL)

3.Marina Mezenzeva (RUS)


Men B - Advanced

1.Steffen Peteskovsky (GER)

2.Jan Port (CZE)

3.Janez Makovec (SLO)


Men C - Amateur

1.Damir Skerl (SLO)

2.Milos Sauer (CZE)

3.Ales Arhar (SLO)


Men D - Beginner

1.Christian Ried (GER)

2.Davide Meazza (ITA)

3.Kamil Nezval (CZE)


Women B - Amateur

1.Ursa Petric (SLO)

2.Maria Schneider (AUT)

3.Daniela Zaummayr (AUT)


Seniors +45

1.Péter Sákovics (HUN)

2.Ales Arhar (SLO)

3.Ahmad Bahadi (IRQ)


Seniors +50

1. Péter Sákovics (HUN)

2. Lubomir Budinsky (SVK)



Seniors +55

1.Graham King (SUI)

2.Lennart Eklundh (SWE)

3.Svatopluk Reithar (CZE)


Juniors u16

1. Kristóf Molnár (HUN)

2.Levente Tamás Lukácsi (HUN)

3. Albert Benjámin (HUN)