Runner-Ups win World Tour Race

Jesper Ratzer  and Nathalie Zeoli both ended Runner-ups at the 11th FIR Single World Champs, but nevertheless took the titles for being the best players on the FIR World Tour 2011 winning the FIR World Tour Race. For both the Dane and the German girl it is their first medal in the World Tour Race. The Seniors title also goes to a Runner-up, Peter Sakovics, vice-world champion in Seniors (+45). All three were honoured at the World Champs prize giving ceremony in Austria.  A total of 646 different male players and 132 females have competed on the World Tour Race in the open singles draws except for Juniors and Seniors.  

Ratzer wins race without title

Jesper Ratzer has yet to win a World Tour event, but with consistent play and quite a few podium places the vice-world champion is the well earned winner oft he World Tour Race. With three players in the top 10 Austria is the leading nation in the World Tour Race 2011. World number one Christoph Krenn took Silver, while u21 World Champion Joey Schubert won the bronze medal. Also strong the Germans with the three players Thorsten Deck (7), Volker Sach (8) and Lars Bosselmann (10) in the top 10. With his World Championship title Calum Reid just managed to sneak in with place 9 under the top 10 in the last second.

Triple victory for Nathalie Zeoli

With Nathalie Zeoli (1) and Miriam Bartels (3) it is two Germans on the podium of the World Tour Race in Singles. Zeoli also won the World Tour Race in Women and Mixed Doubles, which is really an amazing achievement. Nicole Eisler ended runner-up after her good world champs performance. On places 4 and 5 the Belgian girls De Bleeckere and Van den Herrewegen followed by the Czechs Trvznikova (7) and Hlavacova (10). World Champion Zuzana Kubanova did not quite make it to the top 10 ended up 12th. With 4 World Tour victories this year Isabelle Tyrrell ended up 6th and would have been a hot world champ medal contender if an injury had not stopped her.

7 Seniors from 10 Nations

In Seniors +55 series winner Graham King made it to place three only beaten by Volker Sach (2) and +50 World Champion Peter Sakovics, who is also the best Seniors Doubles player of the year. Players from seven different nations made it to the top 10. Best Juniors of the year are Germans Sebastian Mair and Sarina Leibig, while Joey Schubert and Joshua Zeoli won the u21 Doubles Race.

Executive-President Marcel Weigl

World Tour Race 2011

World Tour Race Statistics


World Tour Race Men 2011

1 Jesper Ratzer, Denmark 6768

2 Christoph Krenn, Austria 6448

3 Joey Schubert, Austria 5848

4 Martin Bjökryd, Sweden 5768

5 Jermaine Manners, England 5360

6 Michael Dickert, Austria 5323

7 Thorsten Deck, Germany 4432

8 Volker Sach, Germany 4336

9 Calum Reid, Scotland 4304

10 Lars Bosselmann, Germany 4248


World Tour Race Women 2011

1 Nathalie Zeoli, Germany 6608

2 Nicole Eisler, Switzerland 5632             

3 Miriam Bartels, Germany 5448

4 Lieselot de Bleeckere, Belgium 5120

5 Inge van den Herrewegen, Belgium 5008

6 Isabelle Tyrrell, England 4768

7 Lucie Tvrznikova, Czech Republic 4752

8 Svenja Kleb, Austria 4224

9 Simone Seitz, Austria 4176

10 Lucie Hlavacova, Czech Republic 3424