Thorsten Deck takes first World Tour victory

IWT DUNLOP Dutch Open was held from 17. – 19. August in Rotterdam, with participants from 9 different countries, some of them camping near the Victoria sports hall in the blazing heat of Rotterdam´s first official heat wave of the year. The event went smoothly and in a relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the weekend we Joyce Crouse defended her title in an all Dutch final with Karin Geertsma, while Thorsten Deck took his first World Tour victory by thrashing Alwin Krist in the final. All results and end positions can be found on


Deck takes triple title

Thorsten Deck proved why he was top seeded in three draws at Dutch Open. First the German took the victory in men doubles with Paul Twistering with a victory over new French guys Perez-Schell/Brazeilles. Next came the mixed doubles where it was only close against Crouse/Farro in the semis, while the final with Geertsma/Twisterling was no problem what so ever. Last but not least the tournament ended with Deck`s first World Tour victory and how impressing it was. Seniors winner Adolphe Fernandez-Diez was chanceless in the semis only one Tabletennis and even worse was the situation for Alwin Krist in the final, who could not even win his sport Badminton and the game was lost before Tennis.


Geertsma has to retire in women final

In the women elite draw Joyce Crouse was able to defend last years title. Her toughest match was maybe the first round against Racketlon legend Lilian Druve, who had to see though that her best times are over. The Swedish international record champion won the Tabeltennis set and was in the lead in Tennis, but with only one-digit scores in Badminton and Squash she had little chances for victory, but in the end at least took the fifth place. In the final unfortunately it was a fast title for Crouse. After a victory in Tabletennis, Karin Geertsma had to retire because of a bad landing after a jump in Badminton and had to go to hospital for her knee. “We wish Karin all the best and hope she will be able to play again soon.” Youngster Julia Knake showed her potential for the future, with a surprise victory in the match for third place after an outstanding Tennis performance. In women doubles group play three pairs had two victories each, so only the points difference decided about the medals and it was closer than can be. Geertsma/Knacke (+4) where on top of the podium followed by Kaptein/Crouse (-2), who won the direct match with Druve/De Bleeckere (-2).


Fernandez-Diez WC favourite

In Men B a new French players shows interest in Racketlon with a victory: Remi Brazeilles. With Casper Kendra a new Dane takes the Men C title and German Melanie Strese won the Women B draw. FIR-Delegate Hans van Daele can also play some Racketlon and lead Pieter de Bleeckere to victory in the Men B – Doubles draw. Finally Adolphe Fernandez-Diez won the second tournament at his second start in Seniors (+45) and is one of the hot candidates for a World Champs victory. If he goes to Stockholm…….

Results and Endpositions on


FIR-Executive President

Marcel Weigl

10. IWT DUNLOP Dutch Open Racketlon 2012                       

Rotterdam/Netherlands  17-19 July 


Men A - Elite

1st       Thorsten Deck, Ger

2nd      Alwin Krist, Ned

3rd      Paul Twisterling, Ned


Women A - Elite

1st       Joyce Crouse, Ned

2nd      Karin Geertsma, Ned

3rd      Julia Knake, Ger


Men Doubles A

1st       Thorsten Deck/Paul Twisterling, Ger/Ned

2nd      Rémi Brazeilles/Aurelien Perez-Schell

2nd       Kasper Kendra/ Gregory Leplatre, Den/Frau


Women Doubles

1st       Karin Geertsma/Julia Knake, Ned/Ger

2nd      Joyce Crouse/Kirsten Kaptein, Ned

3rd        Lilian Druve/Lieselot de Bleeckere, Swe/Bel


Mixed Doubles A

1st       Thorsten Deck/Lieselot de Bleeckere, Ger/Bel

2nd      Paul Twisterling/Karin Geertsma, Ned

3rd      Alwin Krist/Julia Knake, Ned/Ger


Seniors +45

1st       Adolphe Fernadez-Diez, Bel

2nd      Frank Kleiber, Ger

3rd      Udo Knake, Ger


Men B- Advanced

1st       Rémi Brazeilles, Fra

2nd      Pieter de Bleeckere, Bel

3rd      Gregory Lepatre, Fra


Women B - Amateur

1st       Melanie Strese, Ger

2nd      Manuela Vollmeier, Sui

3rd      Miriam Verbeij, Ned


Men C- Amateur

1st       Casper Kendra, Den

2nd      Steve Rayson, Ned

3rd      Erik Roelofsen, Ned


Men Doubles B - Amateur

1st       Hans van Daele/Pieter de Bleeckere, Bel

2nd      Marc Veldkamp/Steve Rayson, Ned

3rd        Bram Gevaert/Erik Roelofsen, Bel/Ned