Welcome on www.racketlon.net relaunched

Dear Racketlon players, fans, organisers, friends and relatives. FIR – Federation Internationale de Racketlon is proud to present the relaunch of our website www.racketlon.net. The website of our non-profit organization to organise and regulate Racketlon worldwide is now built and hosted on the same server as our partnersite www.resultreporter.com. Apart from a visible layout polish our aim was to make the navigation of the site even easier especially for newcomers to find their way around. The biggest incentive for the moment is the new USER BLOG where in a while all Resultreporter registered persons can post uncensored texts about Racketlon.


User Blog, Forum, Pictures, Videos, Facebook

For the moment everyone wanting to post a User Blog is asked to e-mail to office@racketlon.net and the blogs will be posted for you. Also we are planning to start up a proper Forum as it used to exist on www.racketlon.com where one can discuss about different topics of Racketlon. After the FIR Council elections at the World Champs Singles (24-27. Nov) in Vienna, a Council member shall be responsible for new media and make sure our site is filled with pictures of tournaments, Racketlon videos and is connected to Facebook and Twitter.


Tournament statistics and forms

What shall follow until the end of this year is an update of the tournament statistics, splitting up the World Champs, Super World Tour, International World Tour and Challenger winners for the first time ever. In 2012 then online forms shall be implemented for the application of tournaments as FIR World Ranking events, as well as the evaluation forms for the FIR-Delegates and even the payment specification. “The sending of excel files has to be over once and for all”, promises Executive-President Marcel Weigl.


Resultreporter for national use

Next developments on Resultreporter include some small amendments in the draws to show walk overs and no shows more clearly, as well as some adjustments to the live score. The first version of the iphone and android application is working fine for the time being, but shall also be expanded. The biggest part of development will be to make Resultreporter fit for national use in different languages, starting off with German for Austria, Switzerland and Germany similar to Tournament software which is used in many countries around the world.


Report: Marcel Weigl