World Tour 2017

The 2017 FIR World Tour has now been finalised. A total of 14 tournaments have had their applications approved and granted a license by the FIR. Like the previous two years, the IWT Vienna Classics will open the tour in the first weekend of the year. After that the tournaments are spread out over the following ten months (break in December) with a new IWT in Antwerp closing the season in the first weekend of November.


European Championships in Austria

Austria has been given the biggest tournament of the year as the European Championships will take place in Vienna from 25th of August to 3rd of September. The 10-day tournament will be split into singles, teams and doubles, but it is not yet determined in what order and on what dates. Former FIR President, Marcel Weigl is in charge of this festival of Racketlon, which is heavily subsidised by the Austrian Sports Federation and local institutions. Players are advised to wait booking vacation from work and flight tickets until the final time schedule of the championships is published.


Three Super World Tours

The Austrian Open, which is normally a Super World Tour will not be played in 2017 due to the European Champs, however British Racketlon return in 2017 with an SWT at the traditional venue for English Open at Redbridge in May. Canada is also back with an SWT and will move from Granby to Winnipeg on initiative from organiser, Evan Mancer. The classic SWT King of Rackets in Belgium have their usual date in the start of June and will return for the 26th edition of the tournament.


New Champions League format

2017 will see the launch of an exciting new Champions League format: 8 brand new franchise teams will be created with 8 Team captains who will pick their players through a "US style" draft. This new concept, developed by Duncan Stahl who will create a CL Panel to operate the new League, has been approved by the FIR Council. The Draft will create equal strength teams who will battle it out over two weekends (at the Swedish Open and German Open) in a league format. A full announcement with all the details about our brand new 2017 Champions League will be made in the coming weeks. It has the potential to revolutionise Team Racketlon and it will be something that all players, from all countries will be able to get involved with. It will be exciting!


New tournament at Lanzarote

Besides Antwerp Open, which has been played for the last two years as a challenger, the only new tournament to the calendar is the Club La Santa Open at Lanzarote, Spain. The tournament will be held by Racketlon Denmark at a Danish owned sports resort at the beautiful island. It will replace a tournament in Denmark for the coming year. Please note that this tournament will be played Saturday to Monday. Info for the tournament is already posted here:

Returning for IWTs in 2017 are the usual Swedish Open, Czech Open, Swiss Open, German Open, Malta Open and Finnish Open along with 2nd edition of the IWT Latvian Open after a huge success in their first year in 2016. Unfortunately, Turkish and Hungarian Opens are not to be found on the 2017 calendar.

Challenger tournaments will be announced during the year with a minimum notice period of four months.


1: 6-8 January                                IWT                       Vienna Classics               Vienna, Austria

2: 24-26 February                           IWT + CL              Swedish Open                 Malmö, Sweden

3: 25-27 March                                IWT                      Club La Santa Open         Lanzarote, Spain

4: 21-23 April                                   IWT                      Czech Open                     Prague, Czech Republic

5: 5-7 May                                        SWT                    English Open                    London, England

6: 2-4 June                                       SWT                    King of Rackets                Oudenaarde, Belgium

7: 16-18 June                                   SWT                    Cardinal Capital North       Winnipeg, Canada

           American Championships

8: 23-25 June                                   IWT                      Swiss Open                      Zürich, Switzerland

9: 7-9 July                                        IWT                      Latvian Open                     Riga, Latvia

10: 28-30 July                                  IWT + CL              German Open                   Nussloch, Germany

11: 25 August-3 September           EC                        FIR European                    Vienna, Austria


12: 6-8 October**                             IWT                     Malta Open                        Marsa, Malta

13: 20-22 October*                          IWT                      Finnish Open                    Helsinki, Finland

14: 3-5 November                            IWT                      Antwerp Open                 Hove, Belgium


*Dates are not 100% confirmed yet
**Final confirmation of this tournament will follow after the 2016 edition


Kresten Hougaard
FIR President