• 29.09.17 -

    The Elite Draws for the IWT Malta Open will be presented LIVE on the Facebook Page tonight (Friday 29th Sept) at 21.00 (CET) / 20.00 (UK time)

  • 14.08.17 -

    Three years ago, Racketlon Australia and Racketlon New Zealand were invited by the FIR to send a representative each to the World championships and for discussions on how to grow the sport in the Oceania region. Since then, the 2 organisations have run a number of events and have got together annually for an annual trans Tasman exchange.

  • 14.08.17 -

    The entry deadline for the Open classes of the European Champs is moved to Tuesday at 12:00 lunchtime due to Tournament Software servers having some planned downtime due to maintenance.

    So you have still 24 h to register on fir.tournamentsoftware.com!

  • 26.06.17 -

    What´s all the raquet about?


    Some of the top table tennis, squash, tennis and badminton players in the world are coming to Winnipeg this weekend to see who is the most well-rounded racquet sports athlete.

  • 26.06.17 -
  • 02.05.17 -

    FIR is pleased to announce it has named Joachim Gersdorf as successor to Frank Kleiber, who resigned as FIR Auditor due to his unforeseen high workload as President of the German Racketlon Association.

  • 10.04.17 -

    From 5th to 7th of May “Vancouver Island Racketlon 2017” is taking place at Panorama Recreation Centre in Vancouver, Canada. Players can enter in singles, doubles and mixed and there will also be senior and junior categories.

  • 16.03.17 -

    We are always happy to share the news of Racketlon spreading far and wide and once again we are able to share another such story.  Andy Stenson, a Brit based in the USA (and previous player at events in the UK such as the Racket Masters) is hosting an event out in Northampton,  Massachusetts on the 29th and 30th April. 

  • 09.02.17 -

    On 29th and 30th of April the German Bundesliga is taking place in Castrop-Rauxel, near Dortmund.

  • 12.12.16 -

    Is your federation interested in hosting the World Championships in 2018? If so, we´d be pleased if you would let us know. Either a complete World Championships (i.e. of all events, singles, doubles and teams), or for only some of them, could be possible.