• 15.07.16 -


    We have now agreed a Friday 3pm start for the Racket Masters.

  • 07.07.16 -

    If you are looking for the ID of a player please use the search function in "FIR Rankings":


    If you are looking for the ID of a player that is registered but not in the ranking yet, please contact Graham King:

  • 13.06.16 -


    Thanks to the excellent efforts this year from Matthew Daggitt, we are delighted here at UK Racketlon to unveil our brand new website, which has gone live today.  The new website is specifically designed for the changing way people are browsing the internet, on mobile phones and tablets.  It is also part of the rebranding of the “English Racketlon Association” as “UK Racketlon” and brings the website in line with the Twitter and Facebook pages.

  • 24.05.16 -

    Roy Hodgson, Chris Coleman, Michael O’Neil, Duncan Stahl, Dan Busby, Ray Jordan and Richard Middleton, men all tasked with making big selection calls this summer.  However, unlike the first three, Duncan, Dan, Ray & Richard have the far harder job of selecting squads who will head to the Racketlon World Team Cham

  • 11.04.16 -

    On Sunday, 3rd of April, Great Britain ran their biggest team champs ever with Essex taking their first title.

  • 29.03.16 -

    All Racketlon Council members, staff and volunteers can be contacted now on standardised mail addresses: firstname.surname@racketlon.net (e.g. kresten.hougaard@racketlon.net).

  • 14.03.16 -

    Damaris Brix is inviting you to a national Racketlon event Vancouver Open in North Saanich, BC on the West Coast of Canada, from

    16.02.16 -

    Racketlon is back in Italy with a big tournament on 20th and 21st of February in Milano, where the world championships for doubles and teams were held in 2012.

  • 10.02.16 -

    All tournament directors of World Tour and Challenger events are reminded to place both FIR and World Tour 2016 Logos on all their printed materials and online websites according to FIR Logo use regulations, which can be found on our website including all relevant logos for download http://www.racketlon.net/content/fir-marketing

  • 16.01.16 -

    What many don't know is that there is an excellent Racketlon centre in Luxembourg and that Racketlon is actually being played there already.